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So Many Dresses, So Little Time

It's my favourite time of the year, Christmas! And what better time to dress up than the company Christmas party. Every year I go through the same I wear one of the many dresses I have in my closet (some I've never even worn before)? Or do I treat myself and buy something pretty at my favourite store, BCBG?

Of course I like to be different so I'm not one to stick to your standard little black dress (LBD). Last year I wore a white cocktail dress and was the only one in white. As I look through my wardrobe, 3 dresses stand out.

  1. Brown striped cocktail dress

  2. Red (with a twist) evening gown

  3. Green party dress

All 3 dresses came from BCBG. The red dress I've worn once to a previous Christmas party. The brown dress I've worn once to a wedding reception and the green dress has never been worn. The company Christmas party is going to be at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth so even though in the previous years all the ladies have worn cocktail dresses, I'm leaning towards a gown.

Just as I narrowed my choices to 3, I make the mistake of stepping into BCBG to check out their dresses. I'm surrounded by dresses with sheer skirts, geometrical cutouts, and vibrant colours. They're calling to me to try them on and of course I listen.

I try on a beautiful floor-length, persian blue gown, a bright red cutout gown, and a deep port sparkler. I noticed that the dresses are now cut a little larger. If the dresses are sized by number, size 0 is the smallest size you'll find. If the dresses are sized by letter, sometimes you'll find a dress that will come in an XS or XXS. As a petite Asian, I notice that the letter sized clothes fit me better than the numbered. The gowns are all sized by number.

The sales girl brings me a pair of heels and as I try them on with the gowns I'm reminded why I rarely buy their gowns. I'm 5'4" and even with 4" heels, the dress still needs altering. These gowns are meant to be worn by models.

Something else to think about, as I weigh my decision, are the prices of these gowns. Do I want to spend over $500 for a dress I will only wear once? If I LOVED the dress, I would pay it, but...

I tell the sales assistant that I'll look around some more before settling on 'the dress'. Now the question remains, to buy or not to buy. What do you think? Which should I wear?

​Store: BCBG

Age Group: Late 20s+

Type: Evening gowns and cocktail dresses

Sizes: 0-12 or XXS-L

Price: $$$

Sales Assistant: 3/5 (If you visit the location at 960 St. Catherine West, Montreal, ask for Sarah-Ann. She's the best sales assistant there.)

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