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Challenge #1: Party Dress for Under $50

Challenge: To find a Christmas party dress in 1 day for $50 or less for someone who doesn't enjoy to shop.

A girl I know had a dillema; it was 2 days before her Christmas party and she hasn't found a dress for the event. She tried shopping beforehand, but couldn't find anything. To top things off, she doesn't enjoy shopping and isn't usually confident about her purchases, so I offered to take her shopping.


  • Non-black dress

  • Something she could wear again

  • $50 or less

We didn't have much time to shop, so I had to choose beforehand a couple of stores where the dresses matched her requirements. The first place we visited was Suzy Shier.

Suzy Shier has everything from business to casual wear for an affordable price and bonus, some of their holiday dresses were on sale. She tried on 7 dresses and there was one that she liked that fit all the requirements. But before purchasing that dress, we wanted to check out one other place, Simons.

Simons' party clothes varies in price and they were also having a sale. After trying on 5 dresses, she fell in love with two of them.

She decided to buy both dresses since they cost $50 TOGETHER! One dress was on sale for $20 from an original price of $130!

In the end she wore the festive red and black dress to the party.

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