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Banana Republic Men

One of my favourite places to shop for men's clothes is Banana Republic (BR). Nothing is sexier than a man in a well-cut suit or a crisp dress shirt and chinos, and you'll find all of those quality pieces at Banana Republic. BR is part of the same company as the Gap and Old Navy. Banana Republic carries 3 lines:

  • Banana Republic, business casual to casual attire

  • Monogram, business attire

  • Heritage, outdoorsy casual attire


The Monogram collection consists of well-tailored black, charcoal, and gray suits, and dress shirts. For men who need to wear business attire to work, you'll find their suits a little on the pricey side (jacket and pants usually go for $800). BR frequently has sales where you can get the jacket and pants for half off, but if you're wanting to pay regular price for a suit, I would rather put in the extra $200 and get a Hugo Boss.



The Heritage collection offers higher quality casual wear. To brave the Canadian winter, layer up with a shirt and sweater. This collection has everything from jackets, sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, and pants. The look is a little too outdoorsy for my taste, but if you're looking for pieces to keep you warm and trendy at your chalet, this is the collection to go with. The clothes are a pricier version of BR's regular line and personally, I would shop there.

Banana Republic

BR's regular line consists of:




Dress/Casual Shirts



I find BR clothing fits most average-sized men. Their shirts are not cut slimmer in the body nor do they have longer sleeve lengths. Their pants (chinos/jeans) fits true to size. You can find casual attire to wear to work and be comfortable without breaking out the hoodie and Birkenstocks.

As for accessories, you can find:






As I've said before, BR usually has amazing sales on their clothes and sometimes you're lucky enough to find a great deal when you're looking for a specific item. If you're looking for a place where quality made clothes meet affordable pricing, Banana Republic is your place to shop.

Store: Banana Republic

Age Group: 30+

Type: Business and casual

Sizes: S-XL, 38-48 short, regular, and long for suits

Price: $$-$$$ (BR) $$$ (Monogram & Heritage)

Sales Assistant: 2/5 They rarely ask you if you need help.

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