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Aritzia: So Boho, So Chic

Ladies, if you're looking for a store where you can find relax statement pieces as well as athletic wear, then look no further than Artizia.

On April 30, 2015 Aritzia opened its largest store in Canada on St. Catherine street in Montreal. The 2-storey building is spacious and bursting with various brands from business casual lines like Wilfred and Babaton, to casual wear like Community. And let's not forget TNA (no, "TNA" is not what you think it stands for). From my experience, Aritzia sells high quality clothing at an affordable price and by "affordable" I mean cheaper than Club Monaco.

Their 2015 spring line has breezy t-shirts, light sweaters, and airy dresses. The store is filled with pastel colours and hints of grays and blacks. Purchasing a piece at Artizia means that it'll easily compliment items you already have in your wardrobe. Their loose-fitting clothes allows you to layer your outfit without the feeling of being weighed down.

I've purchased their Tulula leggings and after many years of wear, they still look great! Their leggings are made of thick material and the elasticity lasts longer than other leggings I've purchased from stores like Garage. They're also more affordable than purchasing leggings at Lulu Lemon.

Something to keep in mind when shopping at Aritzia; since they carry a wide range of brands, you have to try on the clothes to see what size fits best. I've ranged from an XXS to S. That's why I find it difficult to shop online. If you're going to purchase online, I suggest you visit the store once to try on clothes from the different lines so you know what size fits you best.

Store: Aritzia

Age Group: 20s+

Type: Business casual to casual wear

Sizes: XXS-L (some items have size XL)

Accessories: Hand bags, lingerie, hats, and cell phone cases

Price: $$-$$$

Sales Assistant: 4/5 The sales assistants are cheery and helpful.

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