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Filthy Haanz 2015 Swimwear Launch

On Thursday, May 21, 2015 local Montreal designer, Filthy Haanz, launched their Summer 2015 swimwear line at Kyozon restaurant. I was invited by Notable.

Designer, Wilber Tellez, showcased 12 outfits combined of swimwear and dresses. The staff at Kyozon were also all dressed in clothing by Filthy Haanz. The atmosphere gave the event a Bollywood feel.

The swimsuits were mostly white, one pieces with some Indian influenced beading. The dresses were made of vibrant green, gold, and fuchsia fabric giving it that eastern flare. The one piece swimsuits could be worn by women with different figures. They were not high cut and looked fabulous on both the slender and voluptuous models. I visited their website, but they haven't uploaded the new line yet so I'm not sure how much they cost. Considering that it's swimwear (which is always over priced in my opinion) and judging from their other pieces, I wouldn't be surprised if the swimsuits were selling for over $200.

As for the event itself, it would've been great to receive a pamphlet about the designer and what we were about to see. They did show some footage from their Toronto show which prepped us for our evening. The staff at Kyozon were unprepared and that took away from the show. Not a single person could tell me when the show was suppose to start or how the evening was going to progress. When the show did commence, the audience were still standing around and haven't cleared a walkway path for the models. The show also didn't have a fluid progression which was mostly caused by the fact that they only used 4 models. Overall the launch was a fun to attend and I look forward to sharing with you more!

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