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Zara Men: For the Fashion Forward Man

Guys, if you already shop at Zara Men, congratulations!! You're already leaps and bounds ahead of the average man when it comes to embracing fashion. While I consider most men's fashion vanilla (safe colours, unbiased cuts, the same shirt, the same pants, etc.), Zara gives you shirts, pants, and suits with a twist.

Take a dress shirt. They usually come in colours like white, blue, gray, and black. You'll find the same shirts at Zara, but with a double collar or a print. This subtle detail makes a shirt pop when it's worn with jeans, dress pants, or under a suit. Their suit jackets have a stitching around the lapel that gives it more character. Now if you're not looking for business wear, their casual clothes are also outside the norm. You'll find coloured jeans, trendy Hawaiian print shirts, and t-shirts with little floral or skull prints. As I said, not what you find in your typical mens clothing store.

Something else you want to consider before shopping here: what type of build are you? If tall, slim, and not broad shouldered describes you, then you're the perfect model for Zara. They tend to cut their clothes smaller. I've shopped at Zara Women and depending on the cut and fit I can wear anything from an extra small to a medium. That's a huge range!! I pulled an extra large shirt off the rack and trust me, if that's your usual shirt size, you wouldn't fit it. So unless you've tried it on in the store, I wouldn't suggest you go buying it straight from the website.

As for cost, they're affordable. You can find dress shirts between $39-49 and blazers starting at $69. Their suit jackets range between $129-200. I find their suits are more expensive than what they're worth. For a little more money I would recommend that you shop at RW&Co for a suit. RW's suit doesn't have that extra little style, but their quality is better. As for Zara's casual wear, you can find t-shirts starting from $30, polos from $35, shorts from $40, and jeans from $50. All very affordable, but I won't guarantee that you'll get a lot of wear from them. Zara also carries a nice range of shoes. Their price is comparable to Aldo. Good luck shopping guys! You've been warned.

Store: Zara Men

Age Group: 20 to mid-30s

Type: Business and casual

Sizes: S-XXL t-shirts, shirts, and shorts, 29-38 jeans, 34-46 suit jackets and 29-38 suit pants

Accessories: Belts, hats, ties, and shoes

Price: $$-$$$

Sales Assistant: 0/5 They're pretty much non-existant. You won't be greeted or receive any help as they rush around the store looking busier than they really are.

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