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RW&CO Men: The Unknown Canadian Gem

When we think of men's clothing many brand names pop to your head, but rarely is it RW&CO (RW). RW may not have the popularity of some of the other men stores, but they have the following to be proud of:

  • They're Canadian.

  • They carry quality items at affordable prices.

  • They have the Subban men (the new kings of Canadian hockey) promoting their suits.

RW&CO is part of the Reitmans franchise which was started by Herman and Sarah Reitman in 1926 in Montreal, Quebec. RW's clothes cater to men and women in their 20s-30s. They carry casual (jeans and tees), business (blazers and shirts), and formal (suits) wear.

I love shopping at RW for myself, but I love going there when I'm styling men because they carry amazing clothes at a decent price. They're perfect for men who want to update their wardrobe, but are on a budget. You can purchase a suit for $300, jeans for $80-$140, dress shirts for $60-$80, and t-shirts for $25-$55. Why buy a Banana Republic dress shirt at $120 when you can get one at RW for half the price? Keep in mind that's at regular price. Another reason why I love shopping there is that RW often has sales where there's an additional discount off the last ticketed price. #1 rule of shopping at RW, NEVER buy anything at regular price. Their prices are affordable already, but you can often find items for less than half the original cost.

Clothing quality wise I would have to say that they are much better than Zara and Le Chateau, and almost as good as Banana Republic. As for fit, they are true to size. When you buy a large dress shirt you don't have to worry that you might need one size larger because they cut their shirts small. Their only setback are their jeans. Since they only come in lengths of 32 or 34, if you have an inseam of 30 you need to put some extra money into alterations. Once you've figured out your size at RW, you're guaranteed that you don't have to take different sizes to the dressing room ever again.

RW has tried to increase their popularity and sales by collaborating with celebrities (if you remember their previous campaign with Canadian actor Hayden Christensen), but they still had difficulty competing with stores like Banana Republic. They're now trying to appeal to Canadian men by combining their love of hockey and the Subbans (PK, Malcolm, and Jordan) to promote their clothes.

They are also trying to increase their sales by collaborating with other brands. You can now find Levi's, Buffalo, Silver, as well as Steve Madden at RW. I believe the brand collaboration has some pros and cons. I think the numerous brands at RW is making them lose their identity. Instead of carrying clothes strictly with their brand name, RW is looking more like a department store, like The Bay. Why would you want to buy an RW pair of jeans when you can purchase a pair of Levi's or Silvers (brands that specifically make jeans)? On the other hand, bringing Levi's and Steven Madden shoes into the store is a brilliant idea because they're appealing to the male shopper. RW is not a one-stop-shop for you to purchase an entire new outfit from head to toe.

Overall guys, if you haven't given RW a second thought, I encourage you to go and check them out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Store: RW&CO Men

Age Group: 20s to 30s

Type: Formal, business, and casual

Sizes: XS-XXL t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, and coats, 29-38 jeans (inseam 32-34), 34-44 blazers, 34-46 suit jackets, and 29-38 suit pants

Accessories: Belts, hats, ties, and socks, Levi's jeans and shoes, Buffalo jeans, Silver jeans, and Steve Madden shoes

Price: $$-$$$

Sales Assistant: 3/5 Their sales assistant will greet you once you come into the store, tell you about their sales, and ask if you need any assistance. Then if you go to the dressing room you'll have another assistant to help you if you need another size.

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