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COS, the Final Frontier

Have you ever walked into a clothing store, took a quick look around, and walked right back out? That's what I felt like doing when I went to COS. Why? I associate COS with the singer, Bjork (we all remember her swan dress at the Oscars); often misunderstood and not everyone's cup of tea. If oversized, unstructured men's fashion is your cup of tea, then COS is your store.

COS is the sister brand of H&M. While H&M caters to teens and young adults, COS is geared towards the mature business woman. With the price of their clothes, it's definitely not something a teen can afford on her budget.

Wool jacket, necklaces, and high-low shirt with tags

While strolling around I saw a few things that made me go, hmm:

  • Black wool jacket with plastic patches

  • High-low shirt with tags stitched to the bottom

  • Men's oxfords for women

  • Wide-leg trousers

When I was shopping there, COS was having their winter sale and half their store was 50% off. Though that might seem like a great deal to everyone, $80 (sale price) for an oversized sweater is still a little pricey for me. Their clothes look neither high end nor high quality to justify the price tag they put to it. I admit that their prices are not as ridiculous as Club Monaco, but if I wanted to buy a sweater for $160, I'd go to BCBG.

Leather with ribbon necklace and cube necklace

Aside from clothes, they also sell a wide array of jewellery and accessories. The style of their jewellery is futuristic and not what you would see of the norm. There were a lot of geometric (which happens to be the "it" look for spring) pieces and necklaces made of ribbon. The only accessories that I could see myself wearing were their hats, gloves, and scarves.

Ladies, if you want to boldly go where most women have not gone before, then COS may just be your store.

Store: COS

Age Group: Mid-30s+

Type: Business casual to casual wear

Sizes: XS-L tops and dresses, 2-14 bottoms and coats

Accessories: Jewellery, bags, belts, hats, scarves, and gloves

Price: $$-$$$

Sales Assistant: 1/5 Non-existent. I wasn't greeted, told what the promotion was, or asked if I needed any help.

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