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Aldo: Shoe Heaven?

Welcome to Aldo

It's long overdue, but FINALLY a review of one of my favourite! What better store to review than our homegrown label, Aldo. Aldo was founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1972. Since then it has flourished to be the leading shoe company in Canada, while expanding into other divisions like Call It Spring and GLOBO.

Aldo sells shoes for both men and women, but for this review I'm going to focus on women shoes. You can buy anything from flats, sandals, pumps, sneakers, and boots at Aldo. There are 2 statements that I constantly hear from other women about Aldo shoes:

  1. Their shoes are cheaply made and don't last very long.

  2. Their shoes are not comfortable.

Girls love sparkly shoes

Both of these statements I partially agree with; let me explain why. I've purchased sandals and pumps from Aldo that have lasted a few years. Keep in mind that I have over 50 pair of shoes and I don't wear the same pair every day, so of course they last more than a season. My favourite sandals are a pair of Aldo white flats which I've had for a few years and have worn on numerous vacations. Till this day they are still the most comfortable pair of sandals I own. I never had to break theses sandals in and with the amount I paid for them, they've have served me well.

On the other hand, I've also bought some Aldo sandals that have given me blisters (no matter how many times I've worn them) and heels that caused the balls of my feet to be sore (no matter the length of time I wear them). Aldo is not known for the padding in the soles of their shoes, so

be warned that you won't be getting proper support. Ladies, if you're looking for a comfortable heels, try a pair from Jessica Simpson. I've worn mine dancing and at the end of the night my feet still didn't hurt. I would definitely invest in another pair.

So with these comments, why do we keep giving Aldo our money? Because they have trendy shoes that are up-to-date with the latest styles, they're more affordable than shopping at Browns, and they have more variety than places like Steven Madden.

So if you choose to shop at Aldo, here are some tips:

  • Never buy anything at full price. They often have sales and the pair of shoes you've been eyeing will probably be cheaper in a few weeks.

  • Check the website before buying the shoes in the store. A pair of sandals that I recently bought were $20 online whereas they were $35 in the store.

  • Always try the shoes before you buy them. Aldo shoes are not true to size. I can range anywhere from a size 36 to 37.5 depending on the type of shoe you buy.

A word of advice to Aldo, your shoes shouldn't be priced over $100 when the quality of the shoes are not worth it.

Store: Aldo Shoes

Age Group: Teens+

Type: Formal, business, and casual

Sizes: 35-42.5 (European sizing)

Accessories: Jewellery and scarves

Price: $$-$$$

Sales Assistant: 3/5 The sales assistant told me about the sales and helped me find the right size, but the staff that work at the Eaton Centre location in Montreal look bored and disinterested in helping their customers.

Kudos: Aldo is helping the environment by not using plastic/paper bags, but rather attaching a string to the shoe box so you can carry your purchase.

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