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Style with Ease

I use to shop at Reitmans in my teens and I wondered why I stopped. They're Canadian and they have actress, Meghan Markel (a.k.a Prince Harry's new girlfriend), as their spokesperson; why haven't I heard more women say that they shop there? So I decided to check them out again and with the clothes I found there, I understood why I no longer shopping there...they are aimed at a different clientele.

Reitmans caters to women in their 40s and busy mothers. I believe the use of their spokesperson is to drive young professionals to the store, but once you enter, their clothes don't ignite any interest. If you've seen Meghan Markel's character in the show, Suits, you definitely are not going to find the same style at Reitmans. Here are a few things I discovered while shopping there.

Business wear for busy moms - For women who balance a career and a family, Reitmans has clothes that are professional, but easy to wear and maintain. Their dress pants are made from a stretchy material so you feel like you're wearing leggings or sweats in the office. Some of their pants don't even have buttons, hooks, or zippers so you can rest assured that they will fit and are a breeze to put on. And what's better than office wear that you don't have to iron?

Odd sizing - I have to say that some of their clothes are not true to size. Usually, I wear an extra small (XS). When I tried on their shirts that have buttons on the sleeve, I couldn't put my hand through the sleeve unless the buttons were undone. I already have tiny hands and wrists, so I'd like to see the woman who can put on that shirt without undoing the buttons. Once I had the shirt on and the buttons were done, the cuffs were too snug for my liking. I also tried the same shirt in a size larger and though it was easier to put on, it was slightly too large for my body frame. This is something to consider if you want to do some online shopping.

Out-of-date patterns - I know large floral print is in, but theirs looks dated. Makes me think back to the floral print that was in style in the 90s.

If comfortable clothes that are easy to wear at the workplace is what you're looking for, check them out. If you're looking for more corporate attire, better head to Banana Republic or BCBG.

Store: Reitmans

Age Group: 40s+

Type: Business casual to casual wear

Sizes: XXS-3X tops, skirts, and jackets; 0-22 pants and dresses; 24-38 jeans (lots of range in sizing)

Accessories: Jewellery, belts, and scarves

Price: $$

Sales Assistant: 3/5 The sales assistant greeted me and told me about the deals.

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